Little Halp!

heylo! very new to Rhino, I’ve been given some files I understand were made in Rhino and used to cut a big wood installation/ design for a new club in San Francisco… I need to export the curves so i can animate (projection mapping) but… I received a .dwg and a .dxf. when opened in Rhino the curves are made up of hundreds of tiny curves. when export out of rhino, into familiar territory (illustrator, c4d) the curves are again tiny pieces, thousands of sub layers. does anyone know of a way to combine the many parts into single, simple curves i could then export? should i ask for the original .3dm file??

any insight is much appreciated!!!


There’s the join command.

Hi Jon - that is going to be tough - is there any hope of getting the curves in some different form than polylines or line segments from the supplier? What software is generating the curves?