DWG Import not complete

Hi , trying to import a .dwg file it is not reading the lines completely.
970707 Site_Plan.dwg (397.0 KB)

Hello - I see that, thanks for the report. Can you tell me what version of Autocad saved this file? It may be that we have not caught up yet.


It is AutooCad 2016 (but not perfectly sure).

Hello - thanks, it looks like it might be 2013 OK … so in any case, old enough that Rhino V6 should read it - I’ll add this to the pile for the developer to have a look.


So could there be any other solution for me ? like exporting in any format that helps ?

Hello - it would be useful to know what exact application wrote the file. A colleague is testing it and it seems like it might be from some non-standard version of Autocad, perhaps?


Unfortunately there is no info on it

It does open in AutoCAD 2018.
Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any export option that saves it in a way Rhino V5 or V6 can read it.
This looks like it might have been created using the “Land Development Desktop” version of AutoCAD, which creates proprietary objects that nothing else can read.

I’ll run it past the developer but that’s what I think we will find.

I exported a PDF file from lines and then import them in Rhino , and everything works fine.

I’m glad you figured out a work-around.