Importing DWG file doesnt work?

Hi, I need help. I’ve never used rhino before and downloaded the rhino 6 evaluation, but I cannot import my DWG files on to rhino. It mentions that the objects are read and 0 skipped, and the file is successfully read but nothing shows up on the views.

Ive checked to make sure the autocad file is 2018 which is compatible with rhino 6 and even tried autocad 2014 but nothing works.

Also, Is it possible to get a 3D perspective section of rhino?

This happens in any DWG file you try to open?

Make sure you are not in Rendered viewport mode where objects like curves will not be visible.

If you click in a viewport once (to deselect anything selected) then do a SellAll does the command line report anything selected? If so, try Zoom>Selected and see if they show up. They may be very far from the origin.

If nothing is selected, see if anything that was imported is on a locked layer or hidden.

If all else fails, can you run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/paste the results here?