DWG file lines white on yellow layer..how to change white?

I receive dwg files and some of the lines are white yet they reside on a rhino layer when imported that has e.g. the colour yellow.
Just where can I change them all in one click to a more visible colour ?


Object properties > Display color: By layer.

Select: by layer.
Object Properties Panel : Change colour to by layer.
Layers Panel : adjust colour to what suits you.



without the lines selected I see no colour optionin object properties. If I select a curve, then the option colour appears, I choose by layer and just that part changes to the layer colour.
How do I get all the white parts to change to the layer colour ?

V4 and also V5 (if same answer), else separate answers :-)…as I am teething on V5 !


Try SelColor…

selects the white alright, but also now object properties says layer varies. I need those on one layer as that layers colour. As per my wish elsewhere, if only rhino were to indicate by highlighting layers in layers palette the layers that selected objects sit on, life would be easy. Another example of its use.


Are you using color by object at all? If not, just SelAll and in Properties, choose color>by layer.

Otherwise, you will need to turn on just the layer in question, select all white, and choose color by layer…


I will have to turn on the drawing one layer at a time, then selcolor and alter it that way. Its a file I received.
I personally use layers to give colour