SR12 DWG import layers changing from white to black?


Ever since the last update, when opening a file with DWG format, any layer that is white is converted to black. Is there any way to change this back? I don’t see anything in the import options for DWG and we don’t want any colors changed.

I have the same / reverse issue.
I draw on a white background so black lines and when opened in Rhino, all black lines / layer colours are white.


@bm_cadd - did this just start happening to you after the last update?

Hi @beezerlm

Yes, and I just ran a test to ensure that it was with the latest update.

With Version 5 SR12 64-bit (5.12.50810.13095, 08/10/2015) black lines on a white background dwg opens in Rhino as white lines on a white background.

With Version 5 SR11 32-bit (5.11.50203.14395, 3/02/2015) the same dwg opens in Rhino as black lines on a white background.

Everything is “by_layer” so it is the layer colour that is not carrying over correctly.


and after having Rhino 32-bit open, it had downloaded the update and installed and now also has the issue of black layers turning to white.


Do you know where to find the release notes for R12? I hope this is a bug and not a permanent change. A lot of my old designs were made in AutoCad and when an employee opens the file to begin manufacturing a part they can’t see all of the information.

Here’s a link to the service release change log but I don’t think anything should have changed for importing dwg files. I’m not able to reproduce this issue either using layer display colors of black and white. Can you post one of the dwg files or send it into ? If the layer colors are correct in ACAD also indicate the version used.

From what I understand, Rhino should now pay attention to Autocad indexed colors - if a color is Index 7, Rhino will set the color according to the background color- the result will contrast with the background. If the Autocad color is set explicitly to some rgb value and they are not using the color index, then Rhino should not mess with that rgb setting on import.


Drawing1.dwg (162.0 KB)

Here is a file I just drew in Autocad Lt 2013. It is just a circle and the word “test” inside the circle. There is one layer (layer 0) that is white to contrast the black Autocad background. When I open this in Rhino, it changes the layer to black so the geometry disappears into my black background.

Thanks for the file. I see the display color in Rhino set to by layer but Layer 0 has a color of Black. So this might mean that the dwg export is not saving the layer color when leaving ACAD or that there is a bug in Rhino. I haven’t heard of this issue other than the two reports of it in this thread so I’m wondering if there might be an export setting that has changed in ACAD. The other report of this was also the opposite BW issue just to complicate the matter.

@mary @pascal do either of you have ACAD to check out this dwg and also the export options?

I have found that if I create a drawing in Rhino with a layer named “0” and save the file as DWG, when I re-open the file in rhino the layer is changed to black even though it was white when it was saved. The “default” layer stayed white. No ACAD required. I tested this in SR11 and everything stayed white.

I get everything turning black here, regardless of RGB/Index setting in the export scheme. @mary, does this all look right to you in the latest SR 12 builds?


Is there a way to revert back to SR11 until this is resolved? We have 12 seats of Rhino and only some of them have been updated to SR12. I would like to put them all back to SR11 if possible.

@beezerlm Brandon, I am checking on this - hang on a bit.