Exporting White Lines to AutoCAD

Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere or has an obvious answer as I’m new to Rhino.
When I’m saving a drawing as a .dwg that contains white lines and then open them in AutoCAD they appear with a layer colour of 255,255,255 and not “white” which in AutoCAD would show up as white on a black background and black on a white background.
Does anyone know of a way around this or how I could change the export settings?
Help is appreciated.

In the DWG/DXF export options, you can export colors as RGB (what you’re currently doing), or by AutoCAD Color Index (ACI). That’s what you want to use. Then Red will be Color 1 instead of RGB 255,0,0, and White will be Color 7 instead of 255,255,255.

John, brilliant. Thank you very much.