How to change the default curves colour?

How to change the default curves colour? I can only find this option “Use Single color for all curves” meaning afterwards I can not change the colour of a specific curve in the properties. Lets say I want the background to be black and therefore the curves in white and afterwards I want to colourize some of them in their properties. What should I do? Also another issue there is no option for changing the colour of a curve you make during the process of assigning its control points. Same for solids. I don’t understand these.

Colors can be assigned by layers, by parent, or by individual object. Each layer has a color for objects in that layer. This default color can be assigned when the layer is created, and changed at anytime. Open the Layers tab and left click on the color square for the layer and select the desired color. To change the color of individual objects select the object and then left click on “Display color”. To change the color of an object in rendering change the material color of the layer or object.

Are you assuming Rhino works the same as some other software?

Got it. Thanks. I’m coming from Maya. It’s so different. Can you please tell me if there is any outlier in Rhino. How do I keep track of my groups and parents hierarchies?

As a start, type “Sel” in the Command line and check out all of the auto-complete options that drop down; there a quite a few divisions for selecting things - parents, groups, blocks, children, etc.


Take time to go through the User’s Guide, Level 1 Manual and Level 2 Manual. You will waste a lot of time if you assume Rhino is “close enough” to Maya or other software that you don’t need to spend time learning Rhino.

So as far I understand there is no outliner. layering is only source of categorising scene because you can sub layer. therefore grouping is for just combing stuff?

Yeah, think of grouping as selection sets. They can be nested, but there is no interface to that nesting structure, really.


OK. thanks. so there is no grouping inside another group. If I want to select specific group there is no way except doing it in sub layers. Am I right?

Hi Parsa- groups can be inside other groups - use SelGroup to access them (as well as top level groups)


Why there is no panel for this? also parent/child? It’s confusing!

Because parent/child and group hierarchies are not really considered principal ways of working in Rhino. There’s no “object tree” either. Rhino is aimed more at design/construction whereas Maya is more aimed at animation.


I’m new in Rhino I didn’t say I’m a beginner in modelling!
Outliner in Sketchup, Group Manager in Autocad, Assembly in Soildwork, Project browser in Revit. You don’t call these CAD software “design/construction” ?
Rhino definitely missing this? Am I suppose to do a Sel command each time I want to do a operation on a children or group? This doesn’t seem right to me.

You can always just click on it. Just sayin’.