DWG import layers changing from white to black?

Hi to all,

Why all the dwg layers that are white are converted to black during import to Rhino?

Can I avoid this?

Thank you in advance

PS: all curves in dwg have colors set by the object (also white)!?

Hello- these curves are probably set to Autocad AutoCAD Index Color (ACI) 7
7 is imported as black when Value (brightness) of the Rhino [viewport background color]is 128 or greater. Otherwise, it is imported as white.


The way it works for color by layer is:
Importing Acad files, color 7 is made black or white in Rhino depending on the color of your background when the file is imported. Dark background -> white, Light background -> black.
In Acad, the display color for color 7 changes when you change the background color. Rhino has no such concept for layer color and once the color is imported it stays the same color (black or white).
So, to prevent imported color 7 from becoming black, make your background in Rhino darker.

But there’s a bug for color by object and it doesn’t work that way. I’ll fix it.

Hi @pascal and @lowell,

as I can read, the problem has been solved in Rhino 7 SR2 Release Candidate 1 (7.2.20343)…white color preserves white color while importing to Rhino with black background (RH-61723).

I’ve updated Rhino to 7.2.21012 and change File/Properties/View/Display Modes/Wireframe/Background to Solid Color=Black. After changing background color I’ve tried with importing dwg with white object colors. Strange, Rhino imports white as black? Probably I’m missing something?

Any comments are highly appreciated

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PS: is there an option in Rhino to find/read color index number? Which Rhino colors are greater than 128?

Hello - I do not have one of these dwg files handy but I think it is worth checking to see if the color it pays attention to is the application background color - as set in Options > Appearance >Colors.


Yes, I just confirmed that it does work correctly in 7.2 and that it works from Options > Appearance >Colors as Pascal said.
Also, as you probably understand, it doesn’t affect colors white or black coming from Acad. It only affects color index 7 which displays as either black or white depending on the background color in Acad.