Bug? curve in .dxf file is not imported

Hi all,

I have a .dxf file containing one rectangle. When I import or open this file in Rhino (5) the bottom line of the rectangle does not appear.

Other software like draftsight and illustrator do show the full rectangle.

Does anybody know what’s happening here? We use rhino all the time for importing customer drawings and want to be sure we’re not missing any objects!

Thanks in advance,


test_rectangle.dxf (50.0 KB)

Hi Jiskar.

The dxf does not have a rectangle in it.
The bottom is a closed polyline, (starts at point A and ends at point B, then is closed back to point A) A closed single line may be an issue when opened in Rhino.
and the left, top and right are one open polyline.

I just noticed that this had come from Vectorworks - phenomenally bad software for for good dwg or dxf files.


Thanks for the explanation Barry. The file indeed came from Vectorworks. Is there any way in Rhino to detect these kind of import problems?

I have done various tests using AutoCAD 2015 with dwg and dxf and if we have any single segment polyline, and it becomes closed it is omitted when a file is opened (Rhino 5 SR8 64).
I come across various files from other programs that do produce such closed single polylines so should be looked at as being a possible issue.


Hi Barry- sorry for the delay- so the workflow is, create a polyline in Autocad that has one segment, and export to dwg/dxf and open this file in Rhino 5, correct?


Hi Pascal.
Yes, but that one segment needs to be ‘closed’.
In AutoCAD, if you have a single polyline segment and then in the properties panel select the ‘closed’ option, it becomes a polyline that starts at point A and ends at point B, and then closes back to point A.
If this was exploded, it becomes two duplicate lines.
In Jiskar’s file above, the bottom ‘line’ of the rectangle is a single segment closed polyline. This file opens with everything in AutoCAD, but the bottom segment is missing in Rhino.
I have found these in both Vectorworks and Visio files I have received over the years.


Hi @pascal.

Just giving this a bump (you are obviously very busy) as I had the issue with a file over the last week.