Dune | Speeder Concept

Hello…wanted to share a passion project of mine I’ve been doing on the side for a couple of weeks now. Inspired by the Ornothopers from the movie Dune. Speeder concept designed as more of a desert bike version. Designed in Rhino 7.

Work in progress.


Some sketch renders for display


This is Awesome!1 thanks for sharing!


It’s great!
Love it.

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So cool!! (and so excited for the second movie later this year). Thanks for sharing, as always, wonderful work!

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Thanks Kyle!

Thank you!

Thank you! Oh I couldn’t begin to share how ready I am for the second part. So worth the wait


Fantastic work Lee! Thank you for sharing

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As far as the figure, was that an asset you created or just found online?

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Thanks Scott! It was something I found online

originally i wanted something more like this, but with the characteristics of desert flight, didn’t think it would be advantageous to wear a hood. Something more streamlined that appeared “Dune-esq”

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Have you looked into Daz 3d and the market place ?


I haven’t…mind blown. Thanks man gonna have a look at this!

Been using it since around 2015. You can export the figures as FBX and import into blender and retain posing rig. Otherwise you can pose in DAZ. You can even import your model into daz , position the figure and the freeze and export . Should carry any textures as well.


Are your sketch renders a display mode?

Hey Owen,

They aren’t. I bring the model into Twin Motion and they have a sketch filter that I like to use for sketch renders.

Playing with vizcom AI sketch generation software using a couple of the line sketches


In case anyone is interested in the final presentation https://www.behance.net/gallery/175100509/Dune-Speeder


practicing CGI animation…teaser trailer for a longer video later.


@theoutside isn’t this a great example of what we could have with Flair?

By the way, great work @Lee_Rosario !

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