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possibly… I’m still sad that Flair got pulled from v8… I’m very much hoping @jeff is willing to work on this for v9…I really loved it and saw a potential for its development far beyond its initial implementation.

It is a rather brilliant bit of real time viz tech that most people didn’t quite understand… it was, in my mind, an art supply with endless variation, as opposed to a simple push button rendering solution that many seemed to be asking for… Pity, as there is a lot of meat on that bone over looked by the button clicker crowd.

I’ll continue to keep pushing for it, hopefully it comes back in some form.


why was it pulled?

It wasn’t quite ready… BUT… it is in the wip of v8,

BUT will be pulled for the commercial release…

BUT… this is the biggest But of all… it will be added back into the wip of v9 that will be released the same day that the commercial v8 is released.

so, if you like it as much as I do, you can continue to use it, you’ll just have to chase it a bit.

If you DO like it… please speak up and participate in the development, post images, try stuff, share settings etc…

sorry to hijack the OP… back to your regularly scheduled programming…

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No worries. I’ve learned something new today. FYI for those that are interested…final edit for the concept.


I’d love to learn what “Flair” is :slight_smile:


info here- Rhino 8 WIP Feature: Flair

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Thanks Kyle!

You know it’s interesting because I currently favor Twin Motion’s sketch tool because of what it does when I bring it into Vizcom’s AI algorithm. It just seems to have shading and line weights it likes…or that produces results that I seem to like. Would be cool to have settings in Flair (if it comes about) that can get you to customize the quality of the sketch for things like that.

And although the line sketch example is similar to Rhino’s standard line tool sketch render mode…the subtle differences between TM and Rhino actually produce very different results in AI since Rhino produces a much sharper different type of sketch

would be interesting to see what flair with the pencil sketch setting does in VIzCom.

here is an example

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a futuristic vehicle made of silver brushed metal



and Kyle, really gotta say, I was really surprised with the result i got off Flair. I actually like that almost as much as Twin Motion. Man imagine a world where the Vizcom AI algorihm is built into Rhino. Alot like firefly is built into Photoshop.

If that’s a discussion that you guys ever want to have, one of our designers went to school with the CEO, Founder and creator of Vizcom. Imagine Rhino’s “Vizcom visualizer” prompt based AI renderer.

some more results playing with prompts. Keep in mind that none of these have been doctored in photoshop. Straight from Vizcom.

a sci-fi vehicle that looks like a Star wars speaker bike made of brushed metal

a white sci-fi vehicle that looks like a Star wars speaker bike and a storm trooper


These are INSANE, I think we’ve found Flair’s killer application!


@jeff check this out- ^^

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those are really cool. I love AI stuff for taking a concept and teasing it out in all sorts of directions you may not have thought of originally.

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tell me about it. building a project off of it as I learn it more: https://www.behance.net/gallery/176168499/AI-Generated-Design-Sketches

I’ve been experimenting with it on old Rhino projects of my concepts and Vizcom literally ruined all of them :slight_smile: (in a really good way)

I’m looking at the Vizcom results like “ahhhh man, see that would have been so cool to do with the surface…or that design feature would have been killer. And even revisualizing it in a new material”. Really strong potential here. And all of these happen in minutes. All the early ideation I can get out in 30 minutes with a rough CAD model is next level.

I would kill to see this built into Rhino somehow and marry it with the modeling/conception process I use in Rhino. Akin to having Grasshopper.


Is the first one an existing render that you started with? Or did you start with something from a “drawing” (Flair/TM etc)?

yeah I see it as a concepting “mechanical turk” one person now can crank up an incredible amount of concept volume. People fearing AI are not thinking about the best way to use this new art supply…

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Those are based off of this image of my andrietta. Decent to start with, especially a design I’ve lived with for so long. But seeing these new sketches already gives me ideas for a whole new version in the future. It literally replaced EVERTHING. Even the background and reflections on the ground. I never told it to do that but it was cool that it did.


Hey if Skynet helps my creativity, I’ll be the first to welcome judgement day :slight_smile:


Please share your Shading mode

Hello, I saw your design in place. Did you model it with SubD in Rhino?