Kangaroo2: How to simulate a solid object laying on a surface

Hello, I am trying to simulate a solid object A (a ridig template frame solid object in Rhino) layed on a solid surface B (a mesh obtained by a 3D scan), with no other force than the gravity. The shape of the meshB is of course different from the template surface A. I want to know where are the most likely points of contact between the template and the mesh, so we can analyse the gaps between both and correct the shape of the scanned object, to get it the the .
I guess that Kangaroo is able to simulate this but I really can’t find what components/function can do this.
Any help would be appreciated !

Have you looked at the Mesh Mesh collision Kangaroo2 example?
MeshMeshCollision.gh (19.2 KB)

Many Thanks for your quick reply!
I have tested the example, As far as I understand, this simulates a cloth falling on a balloon, with both of them changeing their shape, correct?
In my application, both objects are rigid.
What should I change in the example to obtain this?
Thanks in advance

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