Dressing table. Console table

Small project. Work in progress. The photo of the finished product will be updated.


beautifully elegant design and gorgeous ,model!! Thanks for sharing!

Subd? all nurbs? Any chance you’d post a shaded view of the model?


Hey, Kyle. Thank you for your reaction. Here are Shaded and Ghosted screens.

And yes, it’s still NURBS. Due to lack of time, I cannot yet fully study Sub D. Nevertheless, I am already taking the first steps and I am interested.



Great stuff, Andrew! Do you also use references for your furniture designs or do you come up with them “from scratch”?

What kind of f-ed joke is that?

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Thank you. Do I use references - yes, about half of the products are replicas of well-known furniture brands. Sometimes the customer cannot purchase a certain piece of furniture of a certain size. In this case, I step in and design the missing element. In another variation, an interior designer or client comes directly to me to design a piece of furniture that he cannot design himself. In this case, I have to go all the way from the sketch to the production of the final product and often be present at the factory for control and possible adjustments.


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very cool… beautifully constructed model. Thanks for sharing!

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