Bedside table

The beginning of a large bedroom set according to the dimensions provided by the customer.


Hi, Andrew

I tried to redesign the simplest part of your work partially though it is not the same one you designed masterly. Of course, I called it simple, but it wasn’t easy. I worked on it for about 12 hours repeatedly until I could create this shape.
Unfortunately, I had wrong from the beginning, and it caused I couldn’t do boolean and fillet on the object. If I redesign it again, I will remove the defect.


Hi, Sciensman. Nice work and a big step forward. And the good thing is that you develop your own way of building the model. For example, I almost never use boolean operations and fillets when modeling carving. But you use and achieve results. I remember my promise to make a video with my threading methods, but the problem is that it was prepared with comments in russian. I am now thinking how to supplement it with English comments or at least text tips for the commands used. I’m working on it. Good luck.


Thank you, sir, for your graceful response.

I always admire those artful experts who do something masterly, and you are one of those masters, not only in designing with Nurbs of Rhino but also your high skill and experiences in artistic woodwork. I always love perfection and those who do perfectly.

My imitation is not significant in comparison to your masterworks, especially the artistic and precious things you manufacture in your workshop based on your designs.

Your techniques are numerous and complicated, whether in designing or manufacturing.

I say honestly, from that time that I saw your excellent woodwork, I fell in love with your practical and perfect works and wished if I could have a part of your art and technical works.

Your skill and works occupied my maid day and night, and afterward, I always thought, how did you do them.

In addition to these, you are familiar with all the developed woodwork tools and devices and know, how to work with them.

If I had your mastery and excellent knowledge and experiences, I would be the best artful designer and woodworker in my area and be a rich man.

Now, I can only wish to learn some things from you and can design some innovative furniture and sell them to the relative workshops to get rid of the tight financial spot.

I previously tried to do that (before I became familiar with your unique works), but sadly I hadn’t enough experience in woodwork. Nevertheless, I designed a few things that I don’t think were technical in woodwork anymore.

for example, I designed the skeleton of these two pieces of furniture six months ago

Or I designed this last year, but it is flat with sharp edges and is not similar to the curvature shapes you design.

One of my problems, in this case, is that I don’t know how to design the soft parts (foamy and fabric parts) according to the skeleton of a sofa to be assembled later.

Hello. Since your goal is precisely in the complex design of furniture, I would advise you to start with the basics. There is a lot of information on the Internet. There are also specialized forums specifically for woodworking. From there you can get information on technical issues. Once you’re confident in the basics, you can start experimenting with adding complexity and décor. I am sure that already at the first stage, clients will already appear. As soon as they see that your work is literate, they will begin to cooperate with you. Even the most inveterate retrogrades now understand that “on the knee” design is a thing of the past. Constructors are in demand. The work will be. And over time, mastery of the techniques in Rhino will come and there will be enough practical knowledge to achieve your goals.


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Thank you a bunch,senior

Your encouraging advice made me confident to learn woodwork techniques alphabets gradually, though the teachers in this field don’t reveal all their work secrets.

But I will discover the untold techniques myself! LOL

yours sincerely :slight_smile: