Modeling something like these couches

I haven’t used SubD or Nurbs for modeling, directly, and would like to build some furniture…
Things like these (leather, with… creases, or whatever they’re called… and buttons…)

I looked for official tutorials- I do see some for Rhino tuts for chairs, seats, and so forth, but am not sure 1) if SubD or Nurbs is “best”, and 2) which is most appropriate.

Based on a few things I’ve read, Nurbs is more accurate - but I don’t know the degree of how much more accurate it might be. I do intend to work to real-world measurements.

Any suggestions?


it s hard to help with this more general question:
how much modelling experience do you have ?
what the final data used for ?

just for visualisation / rendering / sharing or selling ideas ?
→ go for subD and add also use some texture / bump map / … techniques…

for making final production data ? cutting patterns ?
you might need nurbs suface.

start modelling (nurbs or subd) and ask as soon as you struggle with a more detailed challenge in your precise design ?

and if you are a beginner, check the great resources for example here:
what the final data used for ?

kind regards - tom

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Hi Tom - thanks for the note.

how much modelling experience do you have ?
Lots of modeling experience, but like most things, it may not be in the relevant areas…
Mostly my past and current modeling is “cad-like,” so deals with more precision shapes and known (or relatively known) dimensions.

what the final data used for ?
Most of this stuff is primarily intended for archviz/productviz. That said, I am designing some board games and do, actually, need to produce physical things sometimes, too.

start modelling (nurbs or subd) and ask as soon as you struggle with a more detailed challenge in your precise design ?
What I’m trying to avoid, where I can, is getting 80% of the way through a modeling exercise (or tutorial) only to find out I should have done it another way :wink:

maybe google for:
how to model a pillow / cushion in rhino…
you will find both - nurbs and subd approaches.

if you really need to visualise all those detailed crinkles from the leather - at some stage you will need some texture / bump-map techniques maybe combined with some mesh based sculpting (blender or zBrush)
you may also google for cloth modifier / cloth simulation (blender, 3dmax, …)

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sofa.3dm (14.8 MB)
This is all I did using subd tools, in just 40 minutes, as long as you are familiar with the sofa structure and proficient in using Rhino 3D


Thanks - yeah, I’m planning on sculpting the wrinkle details in Blender.

I wasn’t thinking about modeling the cushions using any cloth modifiers, though I’ve been trying out the demo of Marvelous Designer for some other purposes. I’ve used Blender to make basic “inflated” pillows, but not anything with much “soft” structure. I do have some add-ons… :wink:

Turner, there is a pay for plug-in called Surpik on food4rhino. It does stitching. Might be something you can use.—- Mark

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Thanks - looks interesting, but developer seems to be AWOL.
Experimenting with Grasshopper…