Draw on plane of selected curve is there a command for such?

…So to click a curve and tell rhino all drawing is on the plane of that curve until I tell it otherwise would be so useful.

SetPt is a bit tricky as it asks for selection of the curve to which to bring the other curves, and if that curve is tricky to get to, and if I wish to join curves as I go, it would be easier to select a curve and indicate that all drawing is on the plane that curve is on.

Also if I am doinG a tan tan rad I get twists and elipses etc, I can turn on project and send everything to Cplane but then have to get it back to where it should be and also perspective view is of no use when the item is not where it should be as I draw it.

I dont want to be messing about creating named planes for each and every curve, aside from the fact I sometimes cant get back to the planes I was normally working with, and then I am in trouble.

So to click a curve and tell rhino all drawing is on the plane of that curve until I tell it otherwise would be so useful.

Can that be done ?

Have wanted that since day 1 and V4 !



Planar mode - can be toggled on and off using the Planar command, or by clicking on Planar near the bottom of the screen.

Set a Cplane to the desired curve and draw on the Cplane. Multiple ways to set the Cplane including the Cplane command and the Elevation option. No need to name the Cplane unless you want to keep it.

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Hi David,
I see I already have Planar activated.

Exactly which Cplane icon do I click on so as to make a temporary Cplane for the curve and have every curve I make become on the same Cplane in that ortho view ?

What are the steps involved ?

I am afraid Cplane and me dont get on well.

It must be I am allowed back to the one I was normally working on, not to find its moved and what was top is now some other view or 90deg rotated to what I was used to, even if someone then tells me that is top, and I lose the Cplane that Rhino had given me by default when opening a new file.

I stay away from altering C plane as losing it, and I do, kills the project.

so after I have drawn on the same plane as the initial selected curve, how then do I get back to the one I was on for the last 4 weeks ?



I use the Set Cplanes > menu from the Viewport name for setting Cplanes, not icons. Help will show you the icon.

Rhino will be easier for you if you can get on good terms with Cplanes.

Save or SaveAs before changing the Cplane. After changing the Cplane do not Save until you have restored the previous Cplane.

The Cplane toolbar has an icon for Cplane_Undo. Help will show you the icon.

In the viewport name menu under Set Cplane > there is “Undo Cplane change”.

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I may not have been clear in my earlier response. Planer mode results in curve being drawn on the plane of the first point of the curve parallel to the Cplane.

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As @davidcockey says mastery of CPlanes is essential for any intermediate to advanced modeling in Rhino.

Reading through your posts, there one other detail that is important for you to understand:

That is incorrect. The name SetPt means literally that: Set Point. Once you have selected your objects to transform (whether they be points, curves, surfaces or whatever), it asks you for “Location for points” at the command line. Location means a Point, not a curve or other object. You will also notice that the various point object snaps will show up when you hover over objects looking for the target. You are not selecting a curve or other object for the target, you are picking a point.

If you have only World Z checked in SetPt, and the curve which you are wanting to align the other curves to is planar and in an XY parallel plane, then it doesn’t matter where you click on that curve.

However if the target curve is not planar or parallel to world XY, SetPt will align objects to where the active object snap falls on that curve; or, if no object snap is active, and you click somewhere anyway, it will automatically go to the Z0 of the active CPlane.


I need other curves that exist to be brought onto same plane as an existing curve.
If I just click a point who knows where that pt is in 3d space. I need to click that pt on that curve hence why I say about tricky as sometimes I have curves sharing a 3D space. When picking a curve the list asks which one, but when clicking a point it doesnt.
I would need to ctrl click ‘on Crv’ first.

I am finding that unlike in win7 when the ticked box showed a tick, in win10 V5 I click and a millisecond flash occurs and the box is still not ticked. ( I refer t the ctrl click options for snaps)

Msoft have done away with tick boxes or what ?

If I do a save as, then mess with cplanes, and get drawing done but then need to revert to the saved file, I lose my work since the save.

I had experiented early on in learning with the Cplane commands and saving planes and reverting to Cplanes and found I couldnt get back to default. Default was only obtainable by opening a new file, not much use to me as such.

It is so vital, but it chewed me up and spat me out.

I had posts featuring a crude tractor and an aeroplane, I had my top view end up 90deg to what default was, front became side and so on. Eventually I try to avoid cplanes. I am light years now behind with things, after spending time preparing V7 to receive V5, dims vanishing, then other issues, then 5 fractured vertebrae and months unable to sit at PC. I need a day to experiment all over again with Cplanes.

If there was an easy way of returning to the default Cplane I would dabble more.

Just what does one do to get rhino to return oneself to the default cplane and have the views just as they are when launching a new file. THATS THE SCARY THING, IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING WE WANT THAT, but it doesnt happen.

My default are:-

crude car default cplane.3dm (696.1 KB)


@Steve1 Do you use Osnaps? Osnaps are used when selecting a point on an object. This is a fundamental part of modeling in Rhino.

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yes I use osnaps, vital…and am aware of the secondary set available with ctrl. though as I say win10 denies them showing as selected.

If I have a curve and wish to have other curves on the same plane as that curve, I would need to select that curve as the target to which they come. if there are a few sharing the exact same space for part of their existence, I will need to click on what I know is the curve, so with no feedback normally, Ctrl ‘On Curve’ would be needed to give a choice list.


Hi Steve -

Run 4View twice in a row.

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now added to my useful commands list. will try it out.

Could be called lifebelt !