Is there a way to draw planar items etc just on cplane?

If I copy a circle created in front ortho view to a point in that front view and that point sits not on cplane but on the z axis nearer me, and I want it to instead end up on Cplane, how is that done ?

I am forever selecting my work (planar lines curves and circles drawn in ortho view) and projecting them to Cplane but a command to have it go there in the initial creation saves further messing about.

Importantly having created block instances of circles and created rows and rows of them they wont project to Cplane, so I have to explode them and project them, then I have lost the advantage of block, unless there is a way of re blocking them afterwards, as they are still circles…is there ?

If there was a way of getting rhino to ignore the Z direction then my block instances would be on Cplane and all is good :slight_smile:


Why not just move the CPlane and then create our planar geometry? The CPlane command will help you do this - see the Rhino help file for details.

Steve, see if the “Project” option on the Osnap toolbar does what you want. It projects snaps to the CPlane.


Cplane must stay where it is, I would enter mental meltdown to start moving that about as each item I place is a different distance from the cplane.

The Cplane is down aircraft centre and all the rivets and panel lines I ma plotting need to go to that Cplane, I then get a 2D plan side view of the aircraft, I then can adjust those items, get spacing theoretically correct etc, before projecting them out to the aircraft skin. I am working fast on both port and stbd sides and moving Cplane would nuke my brain.

I shall try Project option Osnap.

aha, that may well do it, it ended up on cplane when working in ortho view.

admission…I never knew what that was for, I used to find things going haywire and discovered Project was the cause, so avoided it being on.

Cheers Nick