Draw on plane of clicked edge or line in ortho view is this possible?

to have to keep making construction planes wherever I want to draw is too much faffing about.
If I could click the edge of an object I wish to have the construction plane on, and start drawing, that would be great.
What command manages this ?

I cry shy of construction planes as I can never get my workspace back to how it was, I have experimented in the past and failed. I dont want to mess up after 8 weeks of this massive project, but to have a temp Cplane based on a click in just the ortho window I am in as I draw something purely for that ortho window would be useful.

After this I must try again with Cplanes but to keep making such for each and every draw I do, and they are varying in CPlanes a lot, I need something simpler.



The Planar option in the status bar. Check the Help for more info.

If you had Rhino V8, you could do exactly that.

I always hagve Planar option ‘ON’.
but I am drawing and everything is going beyond my photo that is at same level as an object.
so wish I could click the object top edge then everything I draw would be on the photo and where I need it.
Keep having to use BringToFront to see it, then I project to Cplane faltten it all then I can add circles and trim etc.

V8 here I come !
fed up with V7.

Is there a vid showing how V8 looks and what it solves on V7 ?


Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but if you didn’t like V7, you’re probably going to hate V8 as well. Maybe more so. Lots of fairly significant changes in the UI, so if you found the transition V5>>V7 hard, this may be harder. However, you can download the evaluation version now and try it.

I am all for changes if they are vital, though the V5 V6 V7 UI we all are familiar with, unless everyone hates it and wanted it changed.

I hope its not the case of change for changes sake as PC life is made bad by such .

If it means learning Rhino all over again and discovering where things have been moved to, thats not something anyone looks fwd to.
I will need to see a video or few on whats happened and what gets improved over the issues with V7, and the advantages over V5 and 6 and 7.

at Least V7 UI was familiar, just a pain on basic quality.

I must change the grid back to default.

V5 has its missing new commands but basic drawing quality is as it should be and better. and its nothing to do with new cards being unable to draw decent lines, as I have a new card and its ‘able’.

Any Vids links welcome.


I guess here is the place to start:

(lots of small videos on new features)

For you, one of those might be “Auto CPlanes”

Hi Thanks, goodies there that I would love.

autocplane…FANTASTIC. why 3 versions later to see such ?

so I need a vid on what the interface has had done to it.

I am sure I will adapt,

Is it fundamentally ok now with meshes as I found Rhino was not happy with such, ground to a halt.

Folk say get a dedicated mesh editor,

I have lots of mesh to surfaces needs, so will be keen to see what it has there.

I hope it runs on my new PC spec.

I will find a thread on V8 and see what folk are experiencing.

Is it stable ? never use a latest version as its in teething stage, is the golden rule, so is it beyond teething ?

Just cant have any more basic problems when V5 was fine.

and the twisted ribbon lines had better be gone !

Basics must survive not be lost when a prog develops.


I might wait a little while yet. You have until the end of February before the special upgrade price offer ends. In the meantime, do download the eval version and test your stuff out in it.

I think the display stuff is what will either make it or break it for you. It’s nothing like V5. Whether you can adapt it to your liking or adapt yourself to its methods is only a question you can answer yourself by trying.

This does not make any sense at all.
If you have these kind of problems with construction planes you definitely using them in the wrong way.
There is nothing you can mess up by changing the construction plane.
Heck, you even have a separate undo stack for construction plane changes, so you can change the plane, do some drawing in the new plane and then chage back to the previous one.
Furthermore you can save as many custom cplanes as you like, making switching between various planes that are permanently accessible in your file a breeze.

Steve -

If, by this, you are referring to the vertical line on the XY plane jumping left and right on the Y-axis, that’s behaving exactly the same way in Rhino 8 as it was in Rhino 7.