How do you draw curves on a 2D plane (XY axis)?

Hi. I’m very new to Rhino.
I’m drawing a curve in the Front View, and I only want to draw it in X and Y axis. Not in Z axis.
However the moment I choose “Curve”, and start drawing, it also draws on Z axis (even though it isn’t in perspective view). What am I doing wrong? What should I do? I’d really appreciate it because it’s my project and it’s due in few days.

you could use project !

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As Laurent said, ‘Project’ needs to be on.

There’s an option to auto-turn it on when in a plan parallel view:

Turn on project if you want to draw on the Cplane.

Use “Planar mode” on and “Project object snaps” off If you want to draw in a plane parallel to the Cplane which passes through the first point.