Help with materials not applying

This is my first time using rhino for one of my classes. I’m trying to apply materials to my shapes and it won’t change it. From what I tried to search I couldn’t find anything on why it’s not applying the materials. Thanks

Hello - just making sure: are the objects actually on the layers that have the materials, and is that virewport set to ‘rendered’ mode? What happens in a full render (Render command)


Yeah, I have part of the bench selected in the view-port so you can see which layer it is on, and a full render gives the same view as you see here

Hm - and, the objects are set to use layer material? (Properties > material page) If so, can you send us the file? And, include a link back here in your comments, please.


I got something to work but not in the traditional way. If I select the objects I want to assign a material to I have to go the the materials tab and select the option “assign to object” and that will give the object a material that shows up in rendered view. I’ll still send the file because it still seems a little odd. I also noticed that new objects drawn in the same way the rest of the bench was do receive the layer’s assigned material.