Drag Materials onto object.. Am i going Mad?

It looks like the locked layer causes some of the trouble in the projektor file. When I hide the layer mouse and highlight appear to agree.

The problem still happens in my test.

@Charles, thanks for the model.
I added https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-47352


I don’t think it has to do with locked layers.
In another model, there is not anything like that.
The model is a bit more than just a few bars.
Dragging a material onto an object is impossible in perspective view.

When I switch the viewport to wireframe, it works as expected.

The other way around, if I set e.g. the Front viewport to shaded, then the d&d fails.


This is really a big issue. I can reproduce the problem by just creating some boxes in a new model. I believe this issue will be fixed soon. Sorry for the trouble.

This issue happens when the cursor is over the “view-based” left side of the boxes.

Very good

I believe this issue will be fixed soon.

Me too, especially as this works in V5 w/o problems.

Added https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-47337

Perhaps ‘block related’ is not completely right…

Good this problem is in the works.

Thank you.

I agree. I knew objects in blocks has some highlight display issues, so I linked this issue directly to those ones. I’ll check again when this issue is fixed. Thanks.

Any update on a fix timeline ?.. This is killing me…

Des, in the meantime you can stay alive by selecting the object first, and then set the material by the context menu of the material.
Or drag the material into a wireframe viewport.
(Un)fortunately it’s holiday time…

Unfortunately, in SR8 RC it is not any better.
Is it not considered as an important issue?
In YT, I see nobody cared…

It is set to Next Up. It means it’ll be addressed when it can be addressed. It isn’t the only open issue. Importance and caring you cannot derive from the YT item.


Sorry, I didn’t want to be annoying…I apologize.

I misunderstood “worked on by = none”.
Now I know better.

@des, @Charles

This issue has been fixed in 6.9.

Thank you… Well Done