Draft Angle Analysis Steped Colors

So I’ve been using the Curvature and draft angle analysis a lot.
I found the current tools very useful as well as limited, Is there a way to staircase the color ramp of this type of análisis?

It’s useful on curvature análisis and Draft análisis to understand different ranges of values. I know i can set up max and min values very close to each other to have that stair effect, but that would give me a binary result, i would like to see a 3 to 5 stepped color limits, right now i can only setup min and max values, but if i need to see, lets say, Min value of -1.5, values of 0, values and Max value of 5

Stepped Graph it’s useful when:

On Curvature Análisis (Min Radius specifically):
*Smallest Radius
*Target Radius
*No Radius

On Draft angle analisis:

  • Negative Values
  • 0 Degrees
  • Target degree

Hello - currently there is no way to do that that I know of.