Curvature Analysis vs Draft Analysis UI

I know I’ve pointed out a lot of UI inconsistencies with Rhino already, but at least this one should be a very easy fix:

Hm… what is bugging you? These do two different things.


I think he wants to see the color distribution between the angles.
Similar to the scale between minimum and maximum curvature?

@Trav - what do you think - can we add the rainbow image ?

RH-58953 DraftAngleAnalysis - color gradient missing from dialog


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With the inconsistencies in the rest of the Rhino UI, what’s to say that the -5 angle isn’t the red color in the draft analysis?

It’s similar to the lack of U and V color coding that I’ve pointed out in other UI panels. I had to make my own icon and put it in a toolbar to remind me which was which.

@pascal please log a YT. This dialog had an image that appears to have vanished.

Ha, so it did!

There’s so many fixes in V7 WIP that I finally just switched… and now I get why it’s a WIP. :slight_smile:

This is from SR26:


Nice to see that some tools are getting expanded!

Is there a way to have an alternative Draft angle and Curfavure analysis gradient to replace the rainbow-coloured one? Like, a black&white gradient? For those of us who are colour blind and see certain different colours as if they are the same colour.


Having the option to have a stepped gradient instead of a smooth gradient is pretty useful as well, sometimes it is hard to interrogate draft with a gradient.

Going further, if you can have a stepped gradient with multiple bands, that would be useful for checking surface flow as well, especially now you can choose a draft direction within the tool.

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Hi -

Now on the list as RH-58973: DraftAngleAnalysis: offer alternative gradients


Great! :slight_smile: Thanks!