Assistance with Draft Angle Analysis


Can someone please explain to me how the draft angle analysis function works?

Using it on several geometries seems to not ever show me a colour except solid red if correct way up, blue if inverted.

I shift numbers, from C plane Z to world plane Z etc and still for the life of me cannot understand how this function works.

Thank you for the help!

This should help:

Thanks for the reply John. I have had a look through this page several times and am still not understanding how the functionality works.

The three fitted parts show it pretty clearly.
The left example shows blue surfaces indicating a positive draft angle
The center is green indicating a zero angle or vertical relative to the CPlane.
The right example faces are showing red indicating a negative draft angle.

The controls let you set the angles where the colors change.

You need to set the color upper and lower angle limits. Angles above the upper limit are displayed as blue. Angles below the lower limit are displayed as red.

Hi Harry -
In addition to what was said - the surfaces in your picture appear to be all flat.
In cases like that, you won’t get a gradient.

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Thank you Wim! This is the clarifying info I didn’t know I needed to understand why it would work on some geometries and not others. Appreciate the reply!