Domed cylinder hexagon pattern

Hi everybody,

I am still very much a beginner at grasshopper. I try to create a domed cylinder with a hexagonal structure/facing on it. It was already very much a challenge to make geodesic dome (used bullant) for a nice distribution of the hexagons on the dome. Now I want to have this pattern continue in the cylinder, but I couldn’t find a way to do this.

So I thought, lets create a seperate cylinder and make a hex pattern on this with lunchbox, but unfortunately the hex pattern is 90 degree rotated in comparison to the geodesic dome.

Does somebody has any idea on how to create this pattern on the domed cylinder in one go, without creating it in 2 parts. Or else, how to create this rotate hexagon pattern on a cylinder and joint them together later?

In the attachment my grasshopper file so far.

Thank you in advance, Patrick

hexagrid on domed (9.0 KB)

Nobody any suggestions?

I don’t have bullant, so I can’t compare the Hexagons, but if you want “rotate” the hex pattern on the cylinder, you could Change the U/V direction of your Surface by rebuilding it with loft.

hexagrid on domed (14.2 KB)

Or create a hexagonal script without lunchbox.

I don’t have bullant either. Here’s my understanding of your problem.

hexagrid on domed (13.2 KB)

Another way is to use Lunchbox’s Reverse Surface Direction

hexagrid on domed (17.7 KB)