Map regular Hexagons to a cylinder or create regular hexagon paneling to create a pattern

Hello Everyone.
I was trying to replicate the pattern on the vase as shown on the image. I managed to create the pattern on a 2d grid of regular Hexagons but couldn’t map it on the surface. I then tried to follow a similar approach by dividing the Surface into hexagonal panels, but all sides dimensions were different, so failed to do so. I have attached both the script for reference. Would be great if someone can help me find an alternate approach. Thnx

Pattern in (44.0 KB) Pattern on (30.6 KB)


I think instead of doing it with grasshopper, wouldn’t it be faster to just use ‘Cage edit’ command for this specific case:

  1. Create Template Pattern
  2. Copy Multiple times and Bend until it forms a cylinder
  3. Use CageEdit Command to shape the Vase to anything you like
  4. Remove Cage

you can always go back to your template pattern and modify the pattern as you wish.
and you can control how many pattern goes in U or V direction by controlling the amount of copy in the cylinder stage.



Thanks so much. This works perfectly. :slightly_smiling_face: