Seamless hexagonal pattern on a non-developable surface

Hi guys,

probably an easy one but I cannot get it sorted by myself. Need to map/morph a hexagonal pattern (ideally hexagons with equal sides) onto a cylinder which has a small addition on the top.

I want to have control on the amount of hexagons or. If not the amount then UVW but they need to be spread as proportional as it gets or in other words with least deviation possible.

The end product should consist of:

  1. hexagon pattern (crv) mapped onto my object and then connected to pipe in order for it to be 3D
  2. unrolled/squished surface with the same hexagonal pattern

I am getting somewhere but I cannot get the pattern to be seamless. Also it gets pretty distorted at the very top.

Many thanks in advance to whoever could help me out!

cylinder with hex.3dm (82.9 KB)

I would recommend using the Lunchbox + Dendro Plugin. (20.4 KB)

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Hey Kim,

many thanks for your help. This is almost what I need. It actually is what I need but I still need to be able to squish/smash/unroll the cylinder with the applied hexagons or whatever would work the best. Probably it’d work out if I baked the hexagons and then did a boolean union the cylinder with the hexagons, right?