Hexagonal pattern on fillet cylinder shape

hi, Im trying to set an hexagonal pattern on a cylinder(tube) with fillet edge, the hexagonal pattern is set by points curve attractor. the main part of the tube getting the pattern as I should but the other parts (surfaces) won’t. Im trying to fix it by watch some tutorials but unfortunately it doesn’t work as it should - does anyone know how to solve it?

(I tried to create the cylinder via grasshopper but it also doesn’t work)

attaching images + 3dm + gh code

hexagonal pattern.gh (29.1 KB)
hexagonal pattern.3dm (9.2 MB)

Check out this post: Shrink! Shrink! Wherefore art thou Shrink?

what? How does this relate to the question I asked?

It looked to me that your problem was related to the difference between a trimmed surface and that actual internal definition of the surface.

you could test ShapeMap, but I am not sure it is good here
or transform your Polysurface in a Surface
then look at this discussion

here my test with my tool

hexagon.gh (8.6 KB)

But if you want the whole object there will be no magic, or hexgons will become smaller on the center of disk or there will be distorsion on "skirt’ and you could apply this logic

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first of all, its work! I do want it to become smaller on the center so it’s what I looked for.
Unfortunately now I want to do offset to each hexagon (the the inner area) but I just can’t because of “1. Offset plane must be provided if the curve is not planar itself”.
do you have a solution for that?

You can scale

Or offset on surface, but there is a little problem with some of the hexagons along the edges
I certainly must output hexagon in DataTree to simplify the management of then and correct some errors I have on sphere and shapes like that.

hexagon.gh (12.8 KB)

If you want all hexagons it must work if you make a bigger surface.

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I really dont know that there is a polygon center function - now it’s working! thank you very much.
but now, I dont know how can I extrude the curves because each now has different normal…

great! actually I need to extrude both curves - I did it but I dont know how can I cap the extradition. do you have any idea?

but at the polygon center I get this message “1. Area centroids of non-planar polygons cannot be calculated” so its effect the extrusion I tried to do (at the bottom part of the shape)…

If you look carefuly you will see that there are 3 types of center and one can’t be calculated but the others can so it is not a great problem.

it is a problem , because of that I can’t extrude the hexagon according to normal. here is an image of what I get:

No it is not a problem, centroid is giving a center for EACH polygon, you can use Ce or Cv and NOT Ca (Area centroid of a Polyline Shape).

I think you have made an error because you didn’t check what goes with what.
You can’t do that, you have 2886 polylines and just 1443 normals. Grasshopper can put a direction for the first 1443 polyline, but it will not know what to do for the others

You must do something like that !

hexagon.gh (13.9 KB)