Dome surface paneling with points


I got totally stuck with a list of points here and really looking forward for some help.

I am building a hemispherical dome shape and want to panelize the surface.
Like, use two 4. and two 5. to create a 4pt surface.
But I am not sure how to connect them in a tree list.

Appreciated for any tips, thanks in advance!

Suface paneling(Dom).gh (13.0 KB)

You could loft the polylines. Keeps you from extracting 4 vertices per panel…

Or work with mesh components and extract the faces where the centroid Z coordinate is larger than 0

Suface paneling(Dom).gh (26.9 KB)

Thank you very much for the help!
Is it possible to develop or form structural columns base on this code?
What I want to achieve is something like Reichstag Dome in Berlin.

Appreciated :pray:

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