Problem with Evaluate Surface


I am stuck with evaluating the surface here.
I tried different methods to get the points right on the surface but I was going nowhere.
My goal is to find the normals at the bending points so that I can build support out of them.

Appreciate any hint or suggestion!
Thanks in advance.

Suface paneling(Dom).gh (15.6 KB)

You need Surface closest point before Evaluate surface to find {u,v} coordinates of the points on the surfaces

I see. It’s working much better right now. Thank you very much!
But somehow some points aren’t in the right position, is it because of the data structure of the panels?

Yes because the number of the points less than the number of the surfaces, why you need them?

I am trying to form the support structure from those points
They will look like this

If you want create vertical curve from the points use flip matrix

And this shape is simple you don’t need all the steps in your file, unless you want something different or you follow a tutorial.

The definition can be more simple than that but with this way you understand better, than you can simplify it.

Suface paneling(Dom) (16.3 KB)