Panelling from point cloud

i have series of curves in x and y direction, i want to panelize the point cloud obtained from the free ends and intersection points of these curves,
thus i have a point cloud and i want to generate four vertice surfaces inside and 3 point triangular surfaces in the edges of the cloud ends. how can this be done?

Remember posting a file always gives you better chances of help. In this case you just have to manipulate your list of points or your list of edges to generate a polygon or a surface for each panel, something easily done even with only gh native components, but since anyone can know the structure of your point threes/ lists is hard to point a clear direction . It looks like you already have a line system in there, and since you have only tree or four edges I would say weaverbird’s Mesh from lines does the trick the easiest for you, if indeed you want the edges to be lines and the panels to be flat, if you want them to be curved you couls use the surface split component, but again with a file provided everyone else in the forum and I could do a much better job helping you out.