Panelling a dome (part from a sphere) with a straight lines

I want to create a rectangular grid, straight lines on a dome, which is originally formed from a sphere, like image-1. I managed to create the grid with contour line commands, but these lines are curves, and I want them straight lines.
I tried to use the lunchbox panelling tool, image-2, but I have had two issues, one is producing the full sphere, even if I import the geometry from rhino. The second issue is that the grid is gradian, not rectangular.
I hope that someone has an idea to achieve this result.


ScrnSht dgtlTl Bx.png
ScrnSht Dm Pnlng.png
St Grid on (13.0 KB) St Grid on

You can check for intersections with the crossing lines, then rebuild from those points as a polyline.

St Grid on (25.5 KB)

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Thank you for your quick reply,

That was what I did, but it did it in a quite complicated way, especially with the data-tree.
Thank you.

So, I can work the same way as the image for the geometry edges, am I right?

Thanks a lot .

Here’s a way to get the perimeter as a polyline (white group). Uses Sort Along Curve with the circle as ‘C’ input:


Nice job @Chuck_Driesler.


Brilliant, thank you