Help with Pavilion dome seating

I recently saw this project. I’ve been trying to do the geometry with grasshopper but it seems very complicated. I’m new here, I was wondering if someone could help me with this amazing project

I am using grasshopper, I have started with the basic dome structure on grasshopper but its getting very complicated with using truss and connections.

Dome (4.7 KB)

I am getting a difficulty with the twisted panels along the dome. And would really appreciate for some guidance.

Thank you

Hi @Akshata_Mahendra_Osw,

May I ask why you are attempting to do this in Grasshopper, rather than drawing it in Rhino?

How much experience of each tool do you have?

And an observation: the panels won’t be twisted, they will be planar, but oriented at an angle.


I changed the topic title from ‘Pavalion’ to ‘Pavilion’

Dome seating Edited (17.5 KB)
As @jeremy5 mentioned above, why not just use Rhino?


I haven’t learned rhino and still in a learning phase to use grasshopper

Thank you so much, I’ll further work on this.
Really appreciate it

  • Everything up to the “loft” operation, which is 80% of the script, can we simplify into cutting a sphere with 2 planes at different heights.
  • How do I get rid of the password protected cluster to create the slats
  • How to add the connections between the slats in the script.

Hopefully someone can help me this.

These clusters can be replaced with 2 native grasshopper components (Construct Point and Iso Curve).

Here’s a solution similar to the one posted by @Quan_Li but taking a slightly different path. (15.2 KB)

As @jeremy5 pointed out, the panels shown in the photo from your first post appear to be planar. This is not the case with the version above or the one posted by @Quan_Li

Here’s another version that produces panels that are planar. (16.8 KB)

You need to analyze the scripts that have been posted until you understand how they work. If you do that, you should have enough information to complete this on your own.