Dome light map or environment maps

Which is the preferred way to render an exterior scene? Using textures for background, lighting and reflection

Dome light is more precise and phisically correct.



If I want a fast render I’ll use the Vray Sun/Sky system.

Otherwise I’ll use a HDRI in the environment slots.

If that’s too slow then you’ve got an option to use the HDRI with the dome light and set it to ‘store with irradiance map’ - this let’s your irradiance map settings control the quality of lighting from the dome light, so you can tweak it for quality vs speed.


Dome light is best for that and use HDRi then disable GI,BG in v-ray environment .and sun.

to get the shadow from Dome light .

How/why is domelight better? Using GI Environment you can use different maps for lighting and background/reflection and control the lighting/reflection by multipliers, it seems more flexible - no?

Because The lights comes from HDRI map in dome light as direct light . and all effects like shadows , reflection …etc . will be apparent. but all that depend on effects of Hdri map . so you can use the same HDRI map in BG and Dome light then let the dome light invisible that’s means get just light from dome and other effect from BG.

Thanks @foreigner. Does the size of the dome has any impact?


Different HDRI map

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