VRay 3.4 How to?

A couple of questions I can’t seem to solve.

  1. How do I assign more than one Render Element? Seems once I assign the one I want, I am unable to assign any others without first deleting the first one.

  2. Reflection maps. At times I want to have a different reflection map for each separate material. I tried placing a map in the Reflect slot but that didn’t work…I got a weird tiled effect which had no semblance in reality. It seems it should go into a slot for ‘Exit Color’ but there is no slot there.


Hi Paul,
Try this;

  1. click on the empty space there, a menu should appear
  2. It seems to work correctly here. I made a test scene;

Here is my result.

I have a dome light with HDRI which acts as my reflection map for the whole scene. The middle cylinder needs to have it’s own separate reflection map so I create a new material and follow your instructions. Placing a reflection map in the ref channel. It doesn’t replace the environment map in the dome light for election but adds it on top in a funky weird tiling.

I guess that if you don’t want to have any reflection than the one you choose, you have to go all the way down, in the “Maps - Overrides - Reflection” section and put your texture there.

If I remember me right the dome light env can be overriden. You can override the global env textures by material env.