Vray For Rhino Interior Rendering

Hey I Am Trying To Figure Out Correct Setup For My Interior Rendering Vray For Rhino

Sun (Using Vray SUN {} & Sky Texture In Dome Light Texture Slot Instead Of Environment In Vray Menu So That I Can Use Adaptive Light ON Which Increases The Render Times By 7X.

My experience is that using the simple environment is faster than using a dome light with adaptive enabled. I didn’t expect that it is so much slower.

Here my exprience from some years before:

Since this experience I avoid dome lights for interiors.

Also in the past I got fire flies per V-Ray sun and so I use standard dir lights only. I didn’t check it again in the last months.

Hey @Micha Thanks For Your Concern If You Don’t Mind Can You Share Your Project File Or Else Just Mention The Settings If Not File Like The Sun And Skylight ( Skylight in Vray Environment Or In Dome Light tex. Slot ) ,Brute + Light Cache Or Irradiance + Light Cache, Light Settings Etc.
I Am Struggling With IES Lights In Vray For Rhino. Feeling Very Sad & Frustrated Not Getting Desired Rendering Output.
Pls I really Want To Start With My Interior Renderings But I Don’t Know Where I Am Making Mistake. I Really Want To Learn Interior Rendering.

@Micha What Is standard environment texture ? Is It The Skylight Or The 360 Env. In Rhino or the environment tab in Vray menu ? Confusion Pls Clear My Doubts.

Oh, sorry, I can’t go into too much detail as I don’t have the time, a big project has to be finished. I thought you were already somewhat familiar with V-Ray. Maybe someone else can help.

In addition to what others have already pointed out my recommendation is to use V-Ray Light Gen. (V-Ray Light Gen - V-Ray for Rhino - Chaos Help)
One of its modes is designed for interior scenes.

Another feature that may save you some time is to stick with Light Cache as secondary GI engine and take advantage of the auto-Exposure and auto White Balance options.
(V-Ray Next for Rhino – Automatic exposure and white balance - YouTube)
Once you find the interior illumination you achieve is decent, feel free tweak the camera parameters to fine-tune your results.

Hope that helps!

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev