VRAY 3.0 - HDRI map on dome light images are dark

Using the standard settings for dome light with hdri mapping images are still darker than typical. Camera settings are: ISO 100 shutter 8 and speed 20. I can tweak these of course but ultimately am not sure what’s giving…any ideas?

Hey Stefano,
Have you tried to use HDRI in the Environment section instead? Might give you different results.


If you are using Dome Light and the source light from HDR map must be un check Environment . and change the values of Cam & Dome light . these values depend on Hdri lights .
Try to use this Hdri

Thanks for the info! I will look into it!

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So you keep aerial perspective on together with the dome light? Is that what I’m seeing?

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That option use with v-ray sun in fact .
So here is the other way with the same HDRI . test render .“aerial perspective off”

DomelightVropt.rar (7.6 KB)