Does Rhino6 Grasshopper has a dll hell?

I encountered this problem a few months ago. Please see this thread. My post is at the end

Basically, I could not call out my recently created custom object even when I already load in the most recently built dll.

I came across this article about dll hell in Revit. Wonder if Rhino6 and grasshopper has a similar issue

There can be issues with dll references going wrong. You may compile your plugin against a newer version of RhinoCommon or Grasshopper than your user may have, which would then result in load-failure. You may reference a non-standard dll such as Kangaroo or MeshMachine which may then conflict with other plugins referencing and distributing other versions of those assemblies. Finally there may be versioning issues between Rhino5, Rhino6 and RhinoWip releases.

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