GrasshopperReloadAsseblies doesn't work anymore

At some point GrasshopperReloadAsseblies stopped working for me. It does show an error if the grasshopper file is still open but doesn’t do a thing when grasshopper files are closed.

Version 6 SR11
(6.11.18348.17061, 12/14/2018)
Win 10 1803

There seems to be a connected problem with replacing GHA files in the Library folder. When Rhino is open I can’t replace any gha files anymore even if grasshopper is closed. To build a solution in Visual Studio I need to close Rhino.

I’ve cheked with windows Resorce monitor and it says that all files in the Library folder are used by Rhino.exe when grasshopper is open (even when empty). Other PCs with the same version of Rhino don’t show that the gha file is in use.

Any idea on what could go wrong?

Why is it normal in Rhino 5.14, and it will be in Rhino6. Error, it is impossible to fall behindR6排线.gh (29.0 KB)
Try normal in Rhino5:汗:

You can change Grasshopper Assembly loading settings to load your plugin from memory, instead of Hard Disk.

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Should COFF be enabled or disabled?

// Rolf

Give a detailed setup picture. . I am a GH beginner will not set

Thanks a lot Mahdiyar!
@RIL Enabling this options solved the problem for me.

The best is if COFF is disabled. Loading from disk is the preferred solution. There are two problem with it though:

  1. The dll is blocked in windows while it is in use, so you cannot delete or overwrite it.
  2. The location the dll is loaded from is not trusted by Windows, which will prevent it from being loaded.

The first problem can be annoying while debugging, but since there are better ways to debug than “build-reload-test-does-it-work-this-time?” ideally you’d start there.

The second problem is there for a reason, loading through COFF to circumvent the security measures in Windows can be dangerous.

The problem with memory loaded dlls is that there is no way to unload an assembly from an appdomain, so once loaded, all you can do is load another one in its place without the first one really going away. It may contain all sorts of code which is still running somewhere. Also, if your assembly depends on other assemblies then they will not be found because the framework doesn’t know where the loaded assembly came from. So it won’t know where to look to find referenced assemblies.

According to your method I won’t, this I do share, however, can only run safely on Rhino5
双轨多切面.gh (405.4 KB)

I started learning c# for gh yesterday.
The same trouble.So I wrote My first Component
Restart.gha (5.5 KB) .
Maybe help.