Does Rhino support gamers mice?

Hi there, as the title says, i want to buy a new mouse with all kinds of buttons so i can have all the functions i need at one click, i allready have quite a large popup menu, does rhino support all those buttons of for instance the razer naga?..

Sorry about this topic, i allready got my answer by simply googling, you can delete or ignore this topic :)…

Ignore? What does that mean?

I use this one, and love it!

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Yeah, i just ordered the logitech g600 (cause it was cheaper than the naga) and it has lots of programmable buttons,…

Yeah, that was a lot of buttons! :smile:

Slightly off topic, but if you want to know how many times your mouse buttons and keyboard get clicked each work day have a look at a great program to do just that called Whatpulse.

I wondered why my mice never seem to last more that a few months and now I know.
I clock up about 10000-14000 clicks a day. Michael VS

evnthough its not slightly offtopic but pretty much completely offtopic, a wise old man once said:“offtopic schmofftopic” i downloaded it, im pretty sure im in that range also :),…

Are we sick? Cyanide and Happiness and The Oatmeal are my favorite comics (well, after Sinfest, of course). :smile:

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Aren’t we all sick in here? :smile:
And thanks for the tip about Oatmeal, now I am of to some serious procrastination for an hour.

Any luck? I bought one and the programable buttons aren’t working…

Works perfectly fine for me, for instance, i have joinedge set as ctrl+shift+j then i put that in the mouse program and now joinedge is set at G11,…havent gotten anytime to put all the keys i like but for now it works,…

OK, but be careful with this command… if you have a shortcut, you must be using it a lot- why not just Join?


Yes i know, but alot of times for some reason surfaces just dont hit the tolerances, basically join is the same as joinedge but only works within the set tolerances.
Most of the time i use joinedge when i want to join but still have a naked edge and the tolerance is not bigger than 0.05mm orso, really depends on what im working on.

I seriously think that JoinEdge should be deleted…


Hi Philip, can you elaborate?
What do you hold against it?


Hi Willem

I just think it’s better to model accurately to tolerance or re-model surfaces that won’t join - instead of using JoinEdge as a shortcut to ‘cover up’ possible mistakes. You could always loosen the tolerance, join, and change the tolerance back. Basically the same as using JoinEdge. At least then you would be aware of what you’re doing (which isn’t always the case with beginners using JoinEdge - it’s a command for the experienced user) …and I never use JoinEdge myself - that’s why I personally don’t need it :smiley:


No, Joinedge is for the experienced user when you know you can “mess” a bit with an edge or not, changing the tolerances is even worse, every join command basically is a batch of joinedge just within the tolerances,

When youre doing visualisation joinedge is a great command when something very minor didnt join properly, there is no time to remodel everything,

My goodness, why did i even mention joinedge,…forget i said that,…

Hi Philip,

Imagine having to deal with imported models, ( be it from another software or from another Rhino user), they often come in at a bad state and JoinEdge is a great tool for fixing issues with open edges that have no serious consequences down the line.


Hmmm, yes, I guess it might be a good shortcut sometimes - for the experienced user…