Using game controller as mouse for rhino?

Has anyone try to use their game controller with rhino?
I’m wondering if thosn analog joysticks have changing speed to them, and if keys can be assigned to emulate right,left,middle buttun as well
as scroll.
Travel around in trains and was thinking of funding for GPD win2 if I can use it really on the go.

Just got the GPD WIN to carry aound a win machine around all the time as it can run Rhino and at least open files without bothering people around on trains.

Got a atom chip, same as surface 3. To my surprise it’s running v6 ok.Had to turn off GPU tessellation as it froze th pc entirely leaving no dump file.

Also found a shareware called joytokey which emulatues key and mouse for gaming pads. Tring to set it up to see if I can make some stuff on the train commute standing. ~hour ride for one customer.