Does Rhino support gamers mice?

I use a G700’s buttons to send out stuff like this:

Death to join edge!

I never use joinedge because of the inherent cascade effect of bad on bad geometry, but Perhaps Join Edge should have a popup warning to discourage novice users from covering up dodgy modeling. It’s ok for making some bad parts look ok for presentation or for parts which won’t be manufactured , but otherwise…
Mice and buttons…No Comment.

Join Edge is a lifesaver in the hands of one with knowledge.
If your input is dodgy and your output is mesh, for 3D printing, or rendering.
Also if you work in tolerance 0.001 and your gap is 0.01 then it can be used for modelling too. (It would be like lowering the tolerance, join and raise the tolerance again.

But don’t use it if you don’t know what you do!!! If that is the case, I agree: “Death to join edge (until skill is appropriate)”.

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Hello, I am trying to set up my Logitech G600 mouse but having some troubles. For instance when I set up one of the side panel buttons for “Move” it executes and the dialogue box asks for the “point to move from” when I click a point on the object or outside it executes, moves the object a regular but small increment and then finishes the function. Instead it should ask me where I would like to move to. How can I make this work correctly?