Does anyone know how to achieve a 90 degree axonometric effect in rhino?

Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone has figured out a way to do a 90 degree axonometric view with rhino?

The drawing im wanting is a combination of the elevation of the building and top view of the building. Imagine isometric from front on without any distortion. It is also called a zero degree drawing. For reference check out john hejduks work.

Some work flows i have considered:

Using the shear tool but unfortunately cant shear to 90degrees and even if so, back and front of object would intermesh.

Possibly selecting all faces on the z axis and rotating to achieve the effect but there doesn’t seem to be a quick command to select faces in regards to axis.

anyone else got any tips? would like to do it on a model that has depth and multiple openings so just combining elevation and roofplan dont necessarily work

Hi @OTTO_Lars
I do admit that architecture school is a LONG time ago, but if memory (and logic) serves me right, you just need to shear to 45° angle to get what you are looking for. If you just shear your geometries from the side view, you should get true dimensions for both plan and front in the top view. Or am I misunderstanding your request?

HTH, Jakob

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Hi @Penar_Qanbar
That won’t get you true dimensions in the vertical plane, only in the horizontal plane.