Feature request: true axon and oblique

Can we have true axonometric and cabinet oblique views so we don’t have to shear the model in order to create these kind of drawings, thereby making it impossible to update the design? I wish I knew more programming so I could help but all the the math is out there and it’s just a matter of implementing some transformation matrices.

Until this feature is implemented as a real display mode or similiar, you might be interested in this for axonometric views.


Added as a wish: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-24465

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I second this request as I created the tutorial referenced by Clement - note the initials msh at the bottom - funny how they unabashedly just ripped if off our website without any credit whatsoever…

Anyway, I do get a lot of requests for this, so it would definitely be useful!


Hi Mitch,

i´ve found that on google while searching for Rhino and axonometric. If i would have been aware that this is originating from your site i would have suggested to give credit of course, sorry for that.


Hey Clement,

That comment wasn’t aimed at you, but rather the university that simply put the PDF up on their website without saying where it came from… No way you or anyone else could have known. It is funny that this tutorial appears in a bunch of places, but it’s always the same one…


Hi all,

I’ve created a simple plug-in that supports Axonometric and Oblique projections. There are two commands (“Axonometric” and “Oblique”) that enable or disable the projection for the Top viewport. Note that the viewport must be called “Top” for this to work.

Both have an angle that can be configured, once you enable the projection.

I’d like to get your feedback on this before I publish it on Food4Rhino. Do you see any errors? Do you have some more things you’d like to configure?

beta version of plug-in removed.

i´ve recently read that in a few eastern countries, it is considered as some kind of “homage” if work gets stolen bit by bit. Personally i would consider this as cold comfort, especially for the institution i´m working. Seems they need to catch up in this regard :hammer:


To be fair, they correctly list it under “contributed tutorials”, so the maintainer of that website probably did not rip yours off. But then, they turn around and claim copyright at the bottom.


There are really two wrongs, first by whoever submitted it pretending to own distribution rights, second by university by claiming copyright. Especially since they are not in a position to verify ownership, they should have at least noted that all rights of submitted material are reserved by their authors.

Then again, bottom line is, any bits and bytes that you post, host, or email is in practice up for grabs.

Hi Menno. Thanks for you plugin which is very promising. Since you asked for feedback I’m going to go ahead and list everything I’ve noticed. The main problem is it seems to project downwards instead of up. I just drew a box and a cone and the tip of the cone appears below its base. Ideally this would be an option so you could get both bird’s eye and worm’s eye views. There is no 0-degree or arbitrary angle rotated axon. The oblique mode does not let you configure the scale of the “pushed back” axis, which would either be 1:1 1:2 or based on the angle of rotation. Finally, I can’t figure out if there is a way to extract the projected geometry. What’s really nice is it reacts to the change in shading options. Good job!

Hi @arch,

Thanks for your feedback. I also noticed the upside down behaviour, and I think I know how to change that (or make it configurable as bird or worm view).
Scaling the pushed back axis in oblique view is easy to add as a user option. Extraction of projected geometry idem.

The funny thing is I did not have to do anything to change shading, that just comes from Rhino after application of the transformation.

Please find attached the plug-in as just submitted for release on Food4Rhino.


Hey Menno,
Did you have this working in the end?


The plug-in is still on Food4Rhino, but I do not have the source anymore. If it works for you, great, if not, there is nothing I can do I’m afraid.