How is this Axonometric done with Rhino

I am new here so please dont laugh at me >_<

Anyway, so, I was looking at axonometric drawings and realised Rhino default option is only Isometric view… And I am unable to create any other special angled Axon view… Anyone knows?

kinda curious as well.
isn’t it just parallel ? or what is the requirement for an axon view ?


There is a very useful gh axon if you want here :

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basically you have to use the Shear command from the right view and then you will see the axonometric projection in the top view

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Are these views even useful or necessary anymore given that we can view any object from any angle now?

In architectural presentations, sometimes the abstraction of the design is visually more interesting than the design itself…

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Boy, Hugh Ferriss would buy you a round for that insightful observation!