How to Achieve Axonometric View in Rhino?

Hi there,
How to Achieve Axonometric View in Rhino, or how to change the Isometricv view Angles in rhino?
There is some custom command in YT that allows you to get an axonometric view, but it will distort the model to make it look like Axonometric using Isometric View in Rhino.

Is it possible to get it done using some hidden camera option?


Is it military projection?


Thanks for your help, but it’s almost the same process as the YT video, I mean the “deformation” by shearing the object.
I’m looking for official command or something like that.
I’m looking forward to create architecture diagrams like this

Hello, have you ever try to play with the perspective camera lens length? A value between 120 and 200 could fake what you are looking for.

Interesting, But I believe the GH definition that @Petras_Vestartas mentioned before is more stable than the custom command that I found in YT, and I like it.
and I don’t think that this type of view can be done without those tricks, even Sketchup needs an add-on to that perform shear command to the object to get this view.

Idk how Isometric ( default ortho view that we find it in most 3D softwares ) and how it is programmed and coded and the Axonometric not!

have you tried using 2 points perspective?

wanna split hairs? Otherwise all solutions above listed seems to be valid as decent representations.

Please explain! I am trying to get an axonometric view without using shear, as I want to keep realistic shadows without having to export to Form Z.

Hello @Irina the tricky part of using two points perspective is how to get the correct angle, using shear and then one of the parallel views, is much easier.

Haven’t heard of Form Z, does it help with the workflow? exporting shadows?