Cannot not keep using Rhino 7 here

I was using Rhino on my desktop. Went away leaving three instances running. Had to run Rhino briefly on my laptop. Licensing handling this as designed.

When I came back to the desktop the “Your license is or was in use on…” popup was waiting. No problem, say yes to “Do you want to keep using Rhino 7 here”. System goes to fetch license from Zoo as normal, then spots my internet connection is down and tells me it can’t reach license servers.

As I can’t fix that immediately I am resigned to shutting Rhino down for a while, so this time I say no to the question. Rhino still tries to contact the license servers (to return the licence it couldn’t fetch!) and pops up another dialogue to say it couldn’t reach them. When I acknowledge it I am back at the Licensing popup.

So neither Yes nor No change my situation. If I try to close the popup window, Rhino tries to contact the License servers, fails and presents the same old dialogue. Acknowledge, back to the popup which has focus, so I can’t shut down Rhino or, more importantly, save my work until my Internet connection is restored.

If I click No to “Do you want to keep using Rhino 7 here?” I expect Rhino to shut down after offering me the option to save my work, not leave me in limbo. Please could something be done about this?


Thanks for reporting this @jeremy5. I’ll try to reproduce it following your steps and go from there. There’s a question, however, as to whether Rhino should be allowed to save if it doesn’t have a valid Cloud Zoo lease.

Yes, I understand the dilemma. This isn’t going to be a common use case, so maybe we have to accept that we either wait for connectivity or close Rhino and rely on autosave to have us pretty much up to date. A dialogue offering that choice would still be an improvement on the locked up loop.


@will or if the license is moved form one machine to another, rhino forces a save with an appended name like filename_forcedsave.3dm and dumps it in the desktop.

could that work?

I get the Do you want… every day, switching from drawing at the coffee shop, or here. No errors, but it is the squeaky wheel.

the Cloud Zoo floating license manager was the least onerous and intrusive tool we could design that forces compliance with the single computer license model we use. Relying on the Honor System clearly did not work for many people.

The only other option would be buying additional licenses and this system seems less onerous.

This specific case with Jeremy is a little bit different.
Will and Brian are working on the best way to avoid/resolve it.