Do we need all these .3dmbak files?


(Gustavo Fontana) #1

Hi All,

I thought that .3dmbak files are only there for files that are opened. but some of them just stay. Are they useful? needed? they take a lot of room and bandwidth (for cloud sync of project folder). Or can we just delete them?




You can just delete them, they are your previous save.

I delete them at least.

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Gustavo - 3dmbak files represent the state of the model one save before the last. If that is not useful, you can turn off keeping 3dmbak files in Options > Files page.


(Gustavo Fontana) #4

oooh. that is useful in case of ohshitness. Now that I know I can manually delete. Thx!


That is the mother of fantastic novel expressions : D