Anyone else interested in having .3dmbak files saved to a specific folder?

Hey guys,

Maybe this is a “petty request” but to avoid having the .3dmbak files cluttering up the primary folder you’re working in, would anyone else be interested in the option of saving out the .3dmbak files to another folder? Just like Autosave files can…

Hi Cosmas - that would not be all that straightforward, actually. The current bak file is created as part of the save process - an extra file is always written to disk - it simply is not deleted but renamed to 3dmbak. Moving it someplace else would entail some pumbing and I would guess, might be unacceptably slow on some networks.
Just sayin’.
(all of which does not mean it is not a legitimate wish, it just might not bubble to the top very soon)

Got it Pascal. I had a feeling that there was a reason the option was not there…:grin:

@cosmas Maybe you need the specific folder to clean up all old 3dmbak files? You could do this per Windows Explorer search function too. I do it from time to time to get tons of GB free disk space. :slight_smile: