Can i change storage location for .3dmbak files?

I would like to store the .3dmbak file in another location than the .3dm files. Not move them but when saving

Hi Roy - this is not currently possible as far as I know. 3dmbak files are an intermediate file created as part of the save process - if you save 3dmbaks then this file is renamed to 3dmbak and not deleted as it would normally be.


Right. 3dmbak files are actually the existing 3dm file you opened to start the editing session, and then it is renamed from 3dm to 3dmbak when you close the editing session and a new 3dm file is created. That’s why is can’t be in a different location because it started off as your 3dm.

Thanks. It’s just that I use Grabcad workbench and would like to have the.
3dmbak file in another location to ease the file structure there. Of course
I can uncheck the file so it doesn’t upload… Just convenient not needed